We welcome you just the way God made you.

We would like to welcome you to The Episcopal Church in Grand County, three religious communities dedicated to God and rooted in the compassionate and hospitable traditions of The Episcopal Church. We honor the vast possibilities of human self-expression and the infinite variety of God’s creation. We celebrate diversity in gender, age, culture, ethnicity, sexuality, profession, language and other facets of human identity, and value the gifts that each individual brings to the whole. Mindful of God’s limitless grace and our salvation in Christ Jesus, we believe there are no outcasts from God’s table. We strive to embrace those who have been rejected elsewhere, as well as those who have not yet found a spiritual home, and to make our community an inclusive reflection of the diversity of God’s creation. We affirm our commitment to participating in God’s plan for the reconciliation of all humanity through Christ Jesus.


Pentecost was beautiful in the Sanctuary.


Come Holy Spirit

A Message from Fr. Matthew

“Thy kingdom come…” We say these words every time we say the Lord’s prayer. But what might really happen if these words came to life in our community here in Grand County?

Well…we have the opportunity to find out. From Ascension (May 30th) to Pentecost (June 9th) the Archbishop of Canterbury and our own Presiding Bishop have encouraged us to a time of intentional prayer. Here at St. John’s, we will be praying for our family, friends, and neighbors in Grand county. Specifically, we will be praying for them to know the love of Christ as we have experienced it ourselves.

During this time we will make opportunities and resources available to help us pray “Thy kingdom come” as individuals, families, and as a church body. For more information and lots of good resources you can visit the website.

St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church is affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado. For more information about the Diocese, click on the button to be directed to their website.