Financial Outreach

The first and foremost of St. John’s Values is Caring for Others. This is exemplified by our corporate giving of our treasure, as well as our time. Our Outreach Committee, established in 1996 by Deacon Sally Hicks, consists of seven members of St. John’s who oversee the distribution of funds and direct volunteer efforts for the congregation. The people of St. John’s respond to God’s love for us by assisting others locally, state-wide, nationally, and throughout the world. St. John’s finances these outreach efforts by setting aside 5% of plate/pledge plus pass-through donations. St. John’s parishioners can always be counted on to “dig deeper” when national and international emergencies create extraordinary needs, such as the Haitian earthquake. St. John’s was the biggest supporter of the recent diocesan “Nets for Life” drive.

  • We help provide scholarships for disabled horseback riders through the National Sports Center for the Disabled.
  • We contribute to the Miles for Pennies and the United Thank Offering, supporting grants for local, national and international ministries.
  • Episcopal Relief & Development 'Nets for Life' program is an ongoing interest.
  • We turn to Episcopal Relief and Development as the vehicle for addressing disaster relief around the world.
  • We monetarily support the Kenyan Children Foundation (KCF).  KCF, founded by a Colorado Episcopalian, Joanne LeClair, focuses on the many needs experienced by Kenyan children and families. KCF is involved in schooling, health care, farming co-ops, and micro loans for small family businesses.
  • We support the Colorado Haiti Project, which provides aid to Petit Trou de Nippes, a rural area in Haiti. The diocesan support to Haiti is ongoing. Several times a year, work teams from the Colorado Diocese travel to Petit Trou to help at the school and medical facility.

Through vibrant outreach programs, St. John’s is committed to symbolizing the light of Christ shining from our hilltop building site by addressing the needs of the poor and the marginalized in our immediate neighborhood and reaching out into the world as opportunity invites. As we look to the future we hope each individual in St. John’s will be inspired and led to serve beyond his/her current levels. If we truly believe God’s love compels us to go out and serve, the question facing each individual in our parish is how our outreach program changes and grows in the future.