Why all the stained glass?  Formed by the world’s most basic elements, sand and water, it is no wonder that Christians have long seen glass in churches as a window to more than just the outside world. 

Medieval craftsmen believed they were building sacred dwelling places for an all-powerful God.  They were interested in creating an atmosphere of grandeur where people could really sense God’s presence.  In this manner, early stained glass windows were to be experienced more than read.Because stained glass in churches usually depicts a biblical scene, a sacrament, or the life of a saint, they became popular as teaching tools, sort of a medieval PowerPoint.

The idea behind stained glass, and many of the furnishings in Episcopal churches, is that the presence of beautiful objects can lift our souls closer to God. Like nature, stained glass windows open our eyes to the wonders of God.  They remind us of our past, and point us to the future. When we look at stained glass, we see God’s story played out in myriad different levels.  And when you think about it, that’s really not a bad way to look at the world.

-from “The Episcopal Handbook”-

How many of these windows can you spot in our Sanctuary?

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