Our Mission

To be a caring and welcoming community celebrating all of life - body, mind, and spirit, as we share the joy of the Christian journey.


  • We believe in the Bible and its teachings as the inspired word of God, given to us as a guide for living our life.
  • We also believe God has given us intelligence so that we might study the word.
  • We believe God is a loving God who came to earth as a human in order to live among us and show us a true example of how to live our lives in faith.  
  • We believe that spiritual gifts are given to each of us, not just the pastor, and we are all called to share those gifts with each other.


At St. John’s, we are committed to the following core values:

Caring—for others
From serving local community dinners to responding generously to disaster relief throughout the world, the people of St. John’s care about those around us. We yearly give to others over 20% of our plate and pledge income, and we participate in many outreach programs over the course of each year.

Nurturing—our own
We are committed to nurturing each other through programs and activities like the prayer chain, hospital visits, special prayers and anointing for those who desire it during communion. With playground, nursery and Sunday School facilities; with consistent pastoral visiting by clergy and laity alike, we are committed to nurturing those among us who are in need. The newly formed Martha's Table provides home assistance and child care to meet parishioners' needs.  We recently commissioned several new Lay Eucharistic Visitors.  As part of a small rural community, we take care of each other.

Worshiping—with quality
We love to worship and find deep meaning and inspiration in liturgy. We have embraced many small changes in our worship service over the years, always striving to enrich the experience.  Our services at St. John’s and CranmerChapel are designed to meet the unique needs of these locations.

Inquiring—into meaning and truth
We honor God’s gift to us of intelligence and pursue truth as best as we can know it in sermons and teachings, often including guest scholars with special expertise.

Celebrating—all of life
We believe that God celebrates when we celebrate; we enjoy each other and regularly come together for food, drink, and fun.  Living in a Colorado playground we start the day with awesome sunrises, enjoy the enumerable outdoor sports and activities, and close the day watching the sunset/moonrise over the mountains.  We live in a very special place and we celebrate God’s glorious creation. In the summer we have a Compline Service on a boat on Grand Lake.

Sharing—the joy of this life with others
We have several programs aimed at taking St. John's out into the community and bringing the community into St. John's. And we work to empower our members to share their faith with others.  We participate in joint services with other churches on occasions such as Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. We host an annual July Fourth celebration of God and Country, drawing members of the community and other churches, as does our Shrove Tuesday pancake supper. A St. John’s book study group, the Seekers, meets in a local coffee shop.  We open our facilities for use by many organizations needing meeting space.